Actuarial Advisor

Our Complete First Dollar and Excess Loss Pricing Manual for Medical and Rx Plans

Actuarial Advisor Features a Flexible Interface

Our Actuarial Advisor application allows for a wide range of user inputs including detailed plan design, demographics, provider network discounts and trend. The Actuarial Advisor engine is built on a database containing millions of lives and billions of dollars in claims, sorted into detailed claim cost distributions. In addition to traditional specific and aggregate stop-loss, users can easily price level funded business, with Advisor’s simultaneous pricing of first dollar and excess loss coverage. Reference-based pricing is also built directly into the model.

The Most Comprehensive & Flexible Actuarial Rating Manual Available

Actuarial Advisor (AV)

Healthcare Rating Manual – The Most Comprehensive & Flexible Actuarial Model Available

Actuarial Advisor (AV) is the most comprehensive healthcare actuarial solution available. Featuring a flexible interface, the solution allows for a wide range of user inputs, including plan designs, trends, demographics and provider network discounts. With AV, users are able to generate and evaluate customized rates for both fully insured and excess loss health insurance programs.

Key Features

A Flexible Interface

The solution begins with a highly detailed and credible claims cost distribution and adjusts to specific populations based on the following:

  • Medical and prescription drug plan design
  • Utilization and cost trends by service category
  • Provider network discounts by service category
  • Network penetration (first dollar and stop-loss)
  • Demographic, geographic and industry risk
  • Dependent concentration and rating tier relationships
  • Specific and aggregate stop-loss provisions
  • Variable and fixed retention loads

Are You a Power User?

In addition to the standard rating manual, Claros Analytics also offers AV in a Power User version to expand utility. The AV Power User allows for detailed claim distributions and rating factors to be readily available. The Power User version contains the same inputs, outputs, rating algorithms and rating factors as the standard manual, but enables users to view and extract source data in the form of claim distributions and rating factors. These additional features provide a basis for model building and analysis, and offer a considerable advantage.

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