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How We Help Benefits Advisors


Win and keep new groups through better self-funded analysis and informed premium negotiations.


Differentiate yourself with unique capabilities that are easy to implement across your growing organization.


Adapt your processes to keep up with higher industry standards.

Upgrade your plan pricing and analysis with comprehensive reports and calculations:

Protect your business from scrutiny with trustworthy analyses built and tested by actuaries.

Answer key questions for plan sponsors and CFOs:

Is my fully insured premium renewal fair?

When should I switch to a self-funded health plan?

How risky is a self-funded plan for my group?

Can I save money through changes to my plan design or stop loss structure?

Overcome common benefits advisor challenges:

Rising premium renewals

Lack of claims data

Frequent changes to the group or plan design

Unpredictable self-funding risk

How We Help Plan Service Providers


Upgrade your processes and streamline your operations with automated self-funded analyses.


Take charge of your clients’ health plans with comprehensive forecasting of plan outcomes.


Grow your business with software that evolves with the changing healthcare industry.

Take charge of your clients’ health plan performance with comprehensive analyses:

Become a trusted industry partner with better insight into health plan outcomes.

See how our software makes it easy to perform in-house plan cost projections and grow your business.

Lead your clients to better health plan outcomes by answering their questions:

Should I consider self-funding my health plan?

Should I get a better rate for my fully insured premium renewal?

What is the chance of saving with a self-funded health plan?

Will changes to my stop loss structure or plan design improve my health plan performance?

Help your clients overcome common challenges:

Increasing health plan rates

Insufficient plan history

Changes to the group's health plan

Perceived riskiness of self-funding

How We Help Risk Takers


Achieve a better loss ratio and maintain profitability while winning more groups.


Effectively price evolving plan designs and structures with the most flexible rating manual in the industry.


Advance your business’s growth with defensible and accurate plan pricing.

Achieve better results and outpace the competition with modern health plan pricing.

Adopt the next-generation rating manual trusted by MGUs, stop loss carriers, reinsurers, and health plans nationwide for better plan pricing. It also powers the software used by 8 out of the top 10 national brokerages and 85+ independent brokerages to check plan costs and evaluate quotes.

Accurately price any size group, even with limited or nonexistent claims history.

Build more competitive plan pricing with inclusive capabilities for new plan types including DPC, narrow network, network discounts, reference-based pricing, level-funded plans, and aggregate-only plans.

Achieve closer to 1.0 rate-to-manual with the most precise methodology on the market.

See how your business can unlock the next level of growth with updated plan pricing.

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