Grow your business with
next-generation predictive analytics applications.

Claros Analytics, the health benefits industry’s premier actuarial software firm, develops cutting edge solutions for the pricing and analysis of risk in health care plans and health care systems. We’re trusted to deliver more insight, intelligence, and value to your clients.

Change the rules –  change the game.

Claros Analytics changed both by creating superior technology that includes:

  • Precision that crushes the accuracy of other rating manuals; and
  • Advanced predictive analytics that forecast, budget and price group values such as reference-based pricing.

Actuarial Assistant

  • Calculate expected claim levels from all key players’ perspectives and without group claims experience data
  • Display the increments and decrements associated with any change to any group size
  • Calculate cost reduction strategies to groups including reference-based pricing

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Risk Decision Support

Easily address five relevant concerns of CFOs:

1. Probability of beating fully-insured 

2. Probability of experiencing an aggregate claim

3. Capital at Risk - budgeting for a bad year

4. Performance horizon (1/3/5 years)

5. Probability of scenarios out-performing base case

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Experience & Migration Predictive

  • Apply a consistent and actuarially-sound methodology to the groups’ claims experience
  • Predict participant enrollment based on past behavior and plan options
  • Build precise budget rates based on claims experience and forecasted enrollment

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A Smarter Approach to IBNR

  • Easily load claims triangles
  • Adjust any relevant assumption or use default settings
  • Automatically normalize past claims and run simulations to create a true confidence interval
  • Save estimates and compare over time in hindsight analysis
  • Export client-ready reports and full auditor’s package

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See what our clients are saying:

“We’ve been using the Claros Analytics tools for several years. In that time we’ve grown our consortium by 6 additional clients. That includes some of the largest clients in our current book of business. By illustrating the value of plan design changes, the Claros Consulting Suite has been instrumental in attracting prospects and retaining the clients that we already have.”


  • Actuarial Advisor

    The Most Comprehensive & Flexible Healthcare Rating Manual Available

Claros Analytics’ Actuarial Advisor, integrated into the leading underwriter administration systems and available as a stand-alone application for customized analysis, guides carriers and underwriters nationwide in developing their claims projections for first dollar, specific, aggregate and excess risk.

  • Build credible rates for groups of any size
  • Price specific, excess and aggregate risk
  • Adjust rates precisely for changes in every relevant input
  • Incorporate complex interaction effects between input factors

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