Rating Manual

Actuarial Advisor​

Health Plan Pricing

Achieve more accurate and flexible plan pricing with the nation's most precise rating manual.

Pricing capabilities for new and evolving plan structures including network discounts, DPC, narrow network, network discounts, reference-based pricing, level-funded plans, and aggregate-only plans are built in.

Credibly price small, medium, and large groups, even with limited or unavailable claims history.

Price plans closer to the actual cost, allowing you to achieve closer to 1.0 rate-to-manual and build more collaborative relationships with your industry partners.

Easily determine the expected cost for any stakeholder in a health plan thanks to the next-generation first dollar and excess loss methodology used to power plan pricing.

Upgrade your rating manual and price health plans more easily and accurately. Actuarial Advisor is:

Built on the richest national data set of millions of lives and billions of dollars in claims costs.

Trusted by MGUs, stop loss carriers, reinsurers, and health plans nationwide for improved plan pricing.

The engine powering the actuarial software used by 85+ independent brokerages and 8 of the top 10 national brokerages to check plan costs.

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