Deliver more insight, intelligence and value to your clients with predictive analytics software for pricing and comparing health plans.

Claros Analytics’ products are created and developed for Benefit Consultants, Advisors, TPAs, Service Providers, Plan Sponsors, Carriers, Underwriters and Reinsurers.

Provide invaluable insight and strategic direction to your clients with our powerful, proven and predictive actuarial software for plan design and comparison.

  • Benefit Consultants, Advisors

Claros Analytics has developed an innovative solution that is changing how groups and their advisors approach health insurance plans.

Negotiate better pricing:

Replicate the carriers’ underwriting process

Analyze fully-insured to self-insured conversions:

Calculate probability of a self-insured structure beating the fully-insured alternative

Create precise budgets:

Project enrollment and claims by applying actuarially-sound predictive analytics

Deliver reliable claims reserves:

Create and export claims reserve reports and a full auditor’s package

Learn how you can deliver targeted, cost-saving advice by leveraging our unparalleled modeling tools.


See what our Benefit Consultant clients are saying:

“We’ve been using the Claros Analytics tools for several years. In that time we’ve grown our consortium by 6 additional clients. That includes some of the largest clients in our current book of business. By illustrating the value of plan design changes, the Claros Consulting Suite has been instrumental in attracting prospects and retaining the clients that we already have.”


“The Claros Analytics Consulting Suite has given us access to insights that were previously reserved only for carriers and TPAs. By removing the knowledge barriers, we are better positioned to help our clients make the most cost-effective decisions, while giving us the ability to have intelligent and meaningful conversations with our partners and vendors. The Claros Consulting Suite is one of the most important distinctions between being a “paid shopper” and a trusted consultant. This has allowed us to confidently advise even the most sophisticated clients and compete with the largest brokers and consulting firms in the nation.”


“The Claros Analytics software is spot-on with all predictions and has been a key component in turning our prospects into clients. Over the past several years, the predictions have maintained the highest levels of accuracy.”


  • TPAs, Service Providers, Plan Sponsors

Leverage our data products for greater insight into cost and trends.

Level the playing field:

Negotiate better pricing with carriers by replicating their own underwriting process

Elevate & Differentiate:

Provide valuable insights to your benefit advisors partners and their plan sponsors

Enhance existing claims analytics:

Incorporate actuarially sound projections, modeling and simulations

Accurately predict claims reserves:

Simulate payment completion patterns to calculate the distribution of the reserve

Learn how to model and project accurate health plan financial outcomes for your clients and prospects


See what our TPA clients are saying:

“We have been using the Claros Analytics Actuarial Assistant for the past two years and have found it to be a valuable tool to evaluate potential plan changes. Actuarial Assistant provides us with the estimated financial impact of various benefit plan scenarios so that our clients can make informed decisions. Our experience with the staff at Claros Analytics has been excellent. They have always been very responsive and promptly confer with us regarding how non-standard or complicated benefit scenarios may be accommodated in Actuarial Assistant.”


“The Claros Analytics software is spot-on with all predictions and has been a key component in turning our prospects into clients. Over the past several years, the predictions have maintained the highest levels of accuracy.”


“The Claros Suite of health actuarial tools is exactly what our firm needs to support our clients and brokers. The combination of price, ease of use and ability to compare before and after changes is an excellent buy.”


  • Carriers, Underwriters, Reinsurers

Realize your competitive advantage with the industry’s most precise data.

  • Build credible rates for groups of any size, even without claims experience or member questionnaires
  • Price specific, excess and aggregate risk with consistent methodology for individual groups and blocks of business
  • Adjust rates precisely for changes in every relevant input e.g. group demographics, provider network discounts, etc.
  • Incorporate complex interaction effects between input factors

Tap into the next generation comprehensive rating engine built from specialized probability distribution curves.


See what our Underwriter clients are saying:

“Last year we felt like we needed to be at a 1.0 rate-to-manual (RTM) to hit our targets. Using Claros we averaged a 1.01 RTM and we’re at our pricing target.”


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