Claros Analytics is the Health Benefits Industry’s Premier Actuarial Software firm.

  • Company Overview

Claros Analytics provides next-generation analytics to model, price and predict health benefits cost. Clients, including stop loss carriers, underwriters, reinsurers, benefits consultants and advisors, plan administrators and plan sponsors, are achieving competitive advantage by pricing risk, modeling health plan changes, defining self-funded opportunities, and budgeting self-funded plan costs using our sophisticated predictive algorithms.

If you’re ready to outperform and stay ahead of the competition, you’re ready for Claros.

Users receive extensive training, guidance, and support from experienced actuaries to get the most out of our applications.

Our predictive analytics applications allow users to easily forecast the financial performance of employer health plans, enabling them to attract new clients, negotiate more successfully with carriers, improve client services, and increase client retention.

We provide regular updates to our software, incorporating user-requested changes and advanced capabilities to ensure our products remain at the forefront of the health benefits industry.

Our Clients

We serve clients throughout the employer health benefits plan industry. Whether you’re a benefit advisor looking to win new business, a TPA seeking to better support your clients, an MGU, carrier, or health plan wanting to price risk more accurately, or a services provider needing to project your impact on new clients, our applications can help you grow your business with the power of predictive analytics.


Our History

Claros Analytics was founded by healthcare consulting actuaries looking for a better way to price risk in the industry. The existing rating manuals weren’t producing credible results and they were frustrated at the lack of transparency in the market. They knew a probability-driven manual built on a rich data set would produce the precision and flexibility they needed, so they decided to build it themselves.

They soon discovered that they weren’t the only ones who wanted something better. The underwriters and other risktakers they worked with started requesting licenses for the manual, appreciating the accuracy and dynamic modeling that had been previously unavailable to them.

As demand grew, those actuaries saw the opportunity to make a real difference in the health benefits industry. Most players in the field didn’t have the right tools to effectively model and price changes to plan design, stop loss structure, and other aspects of a self-funded health plan. Since our manual was built using probability claims curves, it could be adapted for all those uses and more. We used that knowledge to build our consulting suite of applications and licensed them to even more users. Soon, we started hearing from clients: they were able to serve their clients more effectively and win business with the insights they had gained from our software.

 As we’ve grown, we’ve rebranded: from Windsor Strategy Solutions to Claros Analytics, reflecting the desire for knowledge and insight into the future of those who visited the oracle of Apollo at the ancient Greek temple, Claros. Our consulting suite has adapted to the needs of our clients, with regular updates and new applications, and expanded capabilities, reflecting the feedback we get from our users. We’ve sourced new data sets that allow for even more accurate projections. Though our company has evolved, we’re still driven by that original idea: there’s a better way to price risk in the healthcare industry.


Todd Owen
President & CEO

Gary Miller ASA, MAAA
Vice President & Senior Actuary

Timothy K. Robinson, FSA, MAAA
Vice President & Senior Actuary

James Southward
Chief Technology Officer

Dan Wolsk
Chief Revenue Officer

Neeru Sachdeva
Vice President Product & Client Experience

Craig Neumon
Senior Data Analyst

David Miller, FSA, MAAA

Jo-Ann Glattfelder
Business Manager

Julia Dare
Director of Marketing & Sales Enablement

Bishal Vaidya
Senior Product Manager

Parth Patel
Sales Executive

Erica Weiner
Enterprise Account Executive

Shikshya Vaidya
Business Analyst

Mira Patel
Customer Success Lead

TJ Beaudet
Actuarial Analyst

Company Advisors

W. James Tillett
Chairman, Claros Analytics & COO, Windsor Strategy Partners

David Wilson
CEO, Windsor Strategy Partners

Annette Catino
Founder and former Chief Executive,
QualCare Alliance Networks
(now part of Cigna)

Carl Witonsky
Managing Director,
Falcon Capital Partners

William Megna
Principal Attorney,
Megna Law Firm