Claros Analytics Leverages Cloud Technology Enhancing Product Functionality

Princeton, NJ – September 2020 — Claros Analytics, the health benefits industry’s premier actuarial technology firm, announced that its proprietary rating manual, Actuarial Advisor, and its Health Benefits Consulting Suite, now support cloud-based platforms. The addition of cloud-based capability allows for better ease-of-use, accessibility and flexibility.

“At Claros Analytics, we are always looking for ways to elevate our partners and clients. Having our applications available on a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) simplifies our users’ experience and enables seamless remote access,” said Todd Owen, Claros Analytics CEO. “Our applications can now be installed on VDI from the major cloud providers delivering more insights, efficiency and productivity.”

Claros Analytics’ Actuarial Advisor, also available on underwriting and administration systems from Young Consulting and kusoftware (Ugan), guides carriers and underwriters nationwide in developing their claims projections for first dollar, specific, aggregate and excess risk. With Health Benefits Consulting Suite, brokers, advisors and TPAs are able to project the future for their clients and provide invaluable insights involving plan design, stop loss dynamics, budgeting, claims, employee migration and risk tolerance.

For more information about how to elevate and enlighten your partners and clients with Actuarial Advisor or Health Benefits Consulting Suite, contact Spencer Collum at or call 609-275-6550 x206.

About Claros Analytics

Claros Analytics provides next-generation analytics to model, price, and predict health benefits cost. Clients, including stop loss carriers, underwriters, reinsurers, benefits consultants and advisors, plan administrators, and plan sponsors, are achieving competitive advantage by modeling health plan changes, defining self-funded opportunities, and budgeting self-funded plan costs using our sophisticated predictive algorithms.

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