Educational Initiatives

As an actuarial software firm, we love to take a deeper dive into certain topics that impact our industry and the work that we do within it. We’ve been honored to present educational sessions and provide resources to many of our clients and prospective clients. If any of the following topics would be useful for your team, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to coordinate a presentation and/or share resources with you.

How to Assess a Group’s Claims Experience

Insights into a group’s history can be useful, but it’s important to understand how to use this information effectively and take its limitations into account when looking to the future of your health plan.

How to Deconstruct a Carrier Quote

Gain leverage and better advise your clients by understanding how carriers build their renewal rates and where to question their assumptions. (Download the e-book that was inspired by this presentation here!)

How to Choose the Right Self-Funded Structure for Each Group

Self-funded plans are growing increasingly popular. Learn when to consider self-funding, how to compare self-funded plan structures, and how to build the right plan for your clients’ risk tolerance and financial situation.


Download our e-books to take a deeper dive into the concepts behind our applications.

Reimagining Claims Reserves

IBNR (incurred but not reported) reserves are typically calculated in one of two ways: pay an outside actuary $6,000+ to generate a credible estimate, or perform your own calculations that may not stand up to scrutiny. This white paper assesses these two options and introduces a third option that overcomes the limitations of both.

Guide to Interpreting a Health Benefit Plan Renewal

Decode the carrier’s underwriting of your group’s health insurance premium so you’re better prepared for the next renewal. Combat rising healthcare costs by equipping yourself with the knowledge and tools you need to negotiate effectively and get a better price for your group.

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