Managed Care Contracting

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Managed Care Contracting Application Available Now!

Claros Analytics has created a new kind of solution to change the contracting conversation between health care providers and payers.

  • Traditionally, managed care rate negotiation has been done in an environment lacking real-time data on the impact to the end product – the health insurance plan.
  • Our Managed Care Contracting (MCC) application makes possible a collaborative, transparent negotiation between providers and payers.
  • Using MCC, clinically integrated networks can view in real-time the impact of their contracted rates on insurance plan rates, to assess competitive position in the local market.
  • With MCC we put both parties on the same side of the table, where they can negotiate with transparency, and work mutually towards the goal of efficiently delivering a better product to the consumer.

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Health Plan Advisors and Administrators

Cutting edge capabilities bring you a competitive advantage.

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Managed Care Providers

Customized solutions for risk pricing and contracting negotiation.

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Underwriters, Carriers and Reinsurers

Industry-leading first dollar and stop-loss rating manual.

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Employers and Plan Sponsors

Take Control of Your Health Benefits Costs

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