Claros Analytics’ Actuarial Advisor Now Available on Young Consulting ESL Office Underwriting and Administration System

Princeton, NJ – June 29, 2020 — Claros Analytics, the health benefits industry’s premier actuarial technology firm, announced that their proprietary rating manual, Actuarial Advisor, is now available on the Young Consulting ESL Office underwriting and administration system.

Carriers and underwriters across the country are successfully using Actuarial Advisor – previously known as the “Windsor Manual” – to develop their claims projections for first dollar, specific, aggregate, and excess risk. With detailed claim curves derived from a data set comprised of over 20 million commercial lives and over $200 billion in claim charges, Actuarial Advisor is able to build highly credible rates for groups of any size, even without claims experience or member questionnaires.

Actuarial Advisor adjusts rates precisely for changes in every relevant input, including detailed plan design factors, group demographics, provider network discounts (including reference-based pricing), utilization by service category and trends while fully incorporating the interaction effects between the inputs. Young Consulting ESL Office System users can now seamlessly embed Actuarial Advisor into their existing workflow.

“We’re thrilled to be working with the Young Consulting System. This has been in the making for quite some time as we’ve heard time and time again of the Young System’s efficacy and prominence in the industry,” said Todd Owen, Claros Analytics CEO. “This is an important move for Claros Analytics, allowing us to accelerate our efforts to build new partnerships with stop loss carriers and underwriters and deliver the immense value of our solutions for that market.”

About Claros Analytics

Claros Analytics provides next-generation analytics to model, price, and predict health benefits cost. Clients, including stop loss carriers, underwriters, reinsurers, benefits consultants and advisors, plan administrators, and plan sponsors, are achieving competitive advantage by modeling health plan changes, defining selffunded opportunities, and budgeting self-funded plan costs using our sophisticated predictive algorithms.

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